current projects


We are hoping to make a full-length vinyl release that combines the poems of Peter-Clement Woetmann with my piano-collages. Among other things the release will contain Woetmanns newly published poem “Bag bakkerne, kysten” which deals with the migration of people into the EU. I met Woetmann back in 2012 when I was invited to do a series of works for the Lyd+Litteratur-festival. I wanted to use poetry by the deceased danish author Johannes Lund Madsen and Woetmann made excellent readings of these poems that I recorded and used as samples. This time it will be a selection of Woetmanns own poems, dealing with how we understand and feel about what is going on in the world right now.



Been working on music that combines the klonky piano sounds of Ghost Flute & Dice with a strong drumbeat. So far I have only had the opportunity to test my ideas with programmed beats. But that may soon change. I recently had a session with the extremely talented drummer Morten Grønkjær at I hope to bring some of this music to life together with him.



Together with composer and sounddesigner Kristian Hverring Im working on a gigantic surroundsound concert. We´ve started out experimenting with an 8-channel system, but we have some crazy ideas involving reel-to-reel tapeloops, 20 computerspeakers and playing in multiple rooms at the same time. What it will turn into is unsure right now, but it is our main purpose to envelop the listener in sound. Creating a concert that allows the listener to walk around during the music and experiencing sound from different angles. Here is some video from a rehearsal we had in February.



Jacob Juhl is a visual artist who did videos for the “melody is god” album, and we later collaborated on a video-project called “Triangulering”. We are currently working on a kind of video/sound installation that deals with the human experience of time. We spent a good two days of august creating a gigantic virtual pendulum using sound and shadows. Looking forward to finishing this. Think it will be great.