“…John Cage might have a lot to answer for, but he’d probably be blown away by this full-blooded roarer of an album which seems to be taking his “prepared piano” idea into unexpected turfs and domains…what I enjoy most is the layering and three-way piano cross-talk which Almholt seems to deliver so well, by which I mean there are several things going on at once in each piece, rhythms and metres pulling in different directions, many textures and tones to engage the ear…. These strong compositional ideas are all successfully demonstrated on the powerful and at times amazing music you will hear.”
SOUNDPROJECTOR 31/8 2018 – from review of “kropsbygning”

Ghost Flute & Dice is a project by danish pianist Mikkel Almholt. Back in 2009 a long-time intention to make music for solo piano suddenly started to take shape, when the piano was combined with different effects. Since then its been a question of trying to home in on a speciel kind of sound and touch using different effect setups, new playing techniques, and collaborations with other musicians.

Inside w nots n boltsThe debutalbum ”Music for Amplified Piano” consisted of instrumental songs for solo piano and was released in 2011 on Morningside Records and Obsolete Media Objects. The second album – “melody is god” – expanded the instrumentation to include other acoustic instruments and electronic soundscapes. It was released in 2015 on Mastermind Records and Obsolete Media Objects. On the third album, released in February of 2018, it was back to the solo-piano with effects method. But this time the piano had been prepared with nuts and bolts, the playing was full of strange chords and odd time-meters and the effects were glitchy and gritty.